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Change your real IP for a fake one and keep your Web browsing private and safe
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Free Hide IP

Surfing the Web anonymously protects your PC from hackers and other threats, allows you to access sites restricted to specific IPs, lets you send anonymous e-mails from Web-based mail servers, and, of course, keeps your data away from prying eyes. Free Hide IP offers you all that for free and with just one click – your real IP will disappear from view and it will be replaced by a US-based fake IP, thus guaranteeing your complete anonymity.

Those of you who find the program’s website as confusing as I do when it comes to finding out the true license type of this tool, I can assure you that Free Hide IP is, truly, a free software tool. You will find constant references to Free Hide IP Pro, its commercial counterpart that forgot to drop the “Free” at the beginning of the name when adding the “Pro” at the end. Free Hide IP does not come with the fancy features of its Pro sibling, but it does hide your IP quickly and in the most straightforward way at no cost at all.

The way it works couldn’t be simpler. You’ll be presented with your real IP first – just click on the “Hide IP” button and watch the program do its magic and change your IP for a fake one taken from one of its many servers in the United States of America. You can go back to your real IP and request a new fake IP as many times as you wish while browsing the Web, and you can even tell the program to launch at startup to ensure that you never navigate the Internet unprotected.

The Pro version will offer you more IPs and servers from many other countries around the world, together with some minor yet interesting features. However, if all you need is a fake IP to cover your identity and you find that servers sitting in the US are as good for your purposes as any other server around the world, rest assured that Free Hide IP will do a great job at no cost at all.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Easy to set up
  • Can be set to launch automatically at startup
  • Integrates with IE, Opera, and Firefox


  • Limited to fake IPs from US servers
  • Confusing information about the true license of the program
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